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She Wolf Magnesium Bath Bomb

She Wolf Magnesium Bath Bomb

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The perfect combination of 


Bergamot, Ginger, Orchid, Heliotrope, Patchouli & Musk plus bio glitter 


Amazing smell 

Due to black against white, and if your bath is a little dirty like mine was, you may need a quick whip down after your bath.

Baking Soda Citric acid Sunflower Oil, avocado oil,, Cream of tartar, Epsom salt (mica, or lake or water-soluble colours all skin safe colour) caster wax, clay, Fragrance oils bio glitter
 Min 220g   8cm in diameter

These are a large bath bomb, if using in a small kids bath you can break them or pull them out of the bath water, let them dry on a dish and use the second half in the next bath. 





Customer Reviews

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Amazing Great Value Bath Bombs

The best bath bombs in Australia. Always great value, fast delivery and amazing customer service


My ten year old picked this bath bomb for the amazing colour combination. It dissolved slowly and was a lot of fun to play with and had an amazing smell. There is shimmery glitter at just the right amount that left the skin with a nice glow. Highly recommended.

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