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Honeysuckle Anti-Frizz Conditioning Bar

Honeysuckle Anti-Frizz Conditioning Bar

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Improves curl retention and reduces static/frizz to dry damaged hair.

Remember the more water on your hair, the more creamy the conditioning bar will be. Water is needed to cream up these concentrated conditioning bars.

After conditioning your hair, rub over body in the shower to moisturise and hydrate your skin.

Rub between hands and use as a leave in conditioner, or don't rinse it all out for extremely untamed curls.

Wash hair with a shampoo bar
Wet conditioning bar
Massage bar straight on wet hair
Lightly coat and rinse for normal to oily hair or a heavier coat and leave for 2 minutes for drier hair.
Conditioning bar is concentrated, so a little goes along way and needs water to work. One bar can last up to 5 bottles of conditioner.

Size: approx. 70g

Ingredients include: Coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, organic cocoa butter, Organic Oat protein Polyqyat 7, E wax, Manuka honey, Coconut Milk, sodium lactate, stearyl alcohol, Polyquaternium 39, Coconut Milk, Zinc, Pro Vitamin D, fragrance.

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