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Bliss Bath milk

Bliss Bath milk

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An amazing blend of lemongrass, bergamot and patchouli essential oils 

Lemongrass essential oil is powerful, uplifting and inspiring.

Bergamot Essential Oil has an uplifting aroma that is known to help relieve feelings of stress and tension. Promoting a calm, peaceful, and tranquil environment.

Patchouli Essential oil providing feelings of relaxation and helping to ease stress or anxiety.



Geranium helps us return from anxiety to a place of calm while retaining alertness. Wonderful for use at the beginning of a hectic day or as an emotional restorative in the afternoon

Enjoy a natural bath with the benefits of Aromatherapy essential oils

Use approximately 2 tbs or more if desired per bath.

for a relaxing moisturizing bath.

Milk contains lactic acid which softens the skin and helps to remove dead skin cells.

The oats will soften and sooth the skin

salts will relax

Coco butter will melt into the water to sooth.


organic Buttermilk powder, organic Cows milk powder, organic Colloidal Oatmeal, bicarbonate of soda, 

Epsom salts

Natrasorb (this is a natural starch), Titanium Dioxide, organic Coco butter. & essential oils.

size 250mL.


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