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Magnesium Flakes Blackberry & Vanilla 400g

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A beautiful fragrance blend for a sweet indulgence.

Our Natural Magnesium Chloride Flakes are bagged and shipped by locals whose culture acknowledges the balance and fragility of ecosystems and consider it a blessing to be resourced from the lake. Formulated to Food Grade and USP specifications.

There are no fillers or additives, no flow agents, no added colours, non GMO, Fumigation free, not tested on animals, Vegan Friendly, Allergen Free, Gluten and Nut free.

The following is just a guideline, you can use more if desired:

Add ½ cup of flakes to a foot spa.
Up to 1 cup to a warm bath to relax.
Up to 2 cups for tired aching muscles, lay back and enjoy.

Benefits of magnesium include support for healthy bones, improves skin health, can help you to relax for a good night's sleep along with relieving muscle tension. 

Crucial for general well being.

100% pure natural magnesium chloride and fragrance.